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Meccademia Foundation Program

MECCADEMIA’s CBSE Foundation / NTSE Program (For VIII, IX & X Students)

This Course will include comprehensive coverage of CBSE/ICSE syllabus of Science and Mathematics subjects in synchronized way and all those additional & relevant topics of higher level will also be taught at this stage to inculcate analytical skills, problem solving ability and better understanding of core-concepts required for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT and various other medical and engineering competitive examinations.

In addition to the rigorous coverage of CBSE/ICSE syllabus for Science and Mathematics, our courses are considered as the best CBSE coaching  as we prioritize teaching additional and relevant topics that are essential for building analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. By delving into these higher-level concepts, students not only gain a deeper understanding of core principles but also develop the proficiency needed to excel in competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIPMT, and others. Our approach ensures that students are well-prepared to tackle the challenges posed by these examinations, setting them on the path to success in their academic and professional pursuits and our CBSE tuition centres in Dubai are designed to go beyond the standard curriculum.

Strategic Preparation for CBSE Class 12 Coaching:

In today’s world of stiff competitions, it is imperative that a student sets his eyes focused on his goal right from class IX/Class X and starts preparing accordingly. In order to succeed in competitions, it is important not only to understand the subjects, particularly Science & Mathematics, well, but it is equally important to create a strong foundation and learn how to use the acquired knowledge with reference to the competitive exams. It is against this background that Meccademia’s NTSE program for IIT/Engineering & Medical entrances Courses seek to give your growing child that extra input so necessary for carving out such a successful professional career.

Unlock Success with the Best CBSE Coaching:

The course of 380 hours for Class IX and 420 hours for class X will consist of 3 phases

  • Phase-1: School level curriculum. 75% of the total course time is devoted to phase-1. Phase-1 will equip the student to face the school/board examination confidently.
  • Phase-2: Advanced concepts and problem-solving techniques. This phase helps students with a smooth transition from class X to class XI. 15% of the course time will be dedicated to this phase.
  • Phase-3: Kinesthetic. Kinesthetic stands for learning by doing. In this phase the student will perform experiments, make presentations, give speeches, conduct research on the topics of class X science subjects.

MECCADEMIA's CBSE Foundation Program Benefits:

  • Small batches to ensure personal care and attention to each student.
  • Teaching by highly experienced entrance coaching Faculty (IIT-JEE/AIEEE/AIPMT/BITSAT experts).
  • Synergy in School/Board syllabus and entrance preparation.
  • Scientifically designed complete study material.
  • Kinesthetic involving labs, presentations, projects, and experiments.
  • Highly charged atmosphere, conducive for academic excellence.
  • Workshops on Time Management, Stress Management etc.
  • Real Mentors to instill confidence in stress-free environment.
  • Regular tests followed by critical analysis.
  • Regular feedbacks on various parameters.

Why Meccademia CBSE Foundation Program?

  • Blending School preparation with intellectual development outside the scope of the school
  • Well developed material for classroom and practice
  • Curriculum focused on fundamentals of Science and Mathematics
  • Research and Development team that develops content
  • Stress on Kinesthetic (Learning by doing)
  • Thorough Testing and Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Students from grade 7 to grade 10 can join our CBSE Foundation Program.

Yes, Meccademia offers upto 100% scholarships for meritorious students based on their performance in the Career Discovery Test. Please contact your nearest Meccademia branch to know more about the Career Discovery Test.

Classes would be conducted 3 days a week (2 weekdays & 1 weekend) covering 9 hours in a week. To know more about the center specific timings, please visit your nearest Meccademia center.

Yes, we arrange the sessions for doubt resolutions. Also, you can contact your faculty or center manager if you have any specific doubts.  

While we strictly advise you to attend all classes and not miss any. In case, you miss a class due to some medical emergency situation, you can reach out to us and we’ll be cognizant of that and would arrange for those cover-up classes.  

Yes! We schedule regular meetings to keep parents informed about their child’s progress. Additionally, we share contact details of faculty members to facilitate tracking your child’s development.

At Meccademia, we administer weekly tests. The results of these tests, along with feedback from teachers, are directly shared with parents.

Yes, we provide grade-wise worksheets and books. And, you need not pay any extra fees for the study material. 

Certainly! We offer a dedicated batch for JEE/NEET preparation based solely on students’ performance. Additionally, there is no additional charge for these supplementary coaching sessions.

Yes, we do provide transportation services owned by Meccademia with student safety as a priority. Additional charges apply for this service.

You can directly contact us as per the details mentioned in Contact Us section of the website. You can call or directly visit the nearest Meccademia center to block your seat. 

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Anna Susan Cherian

I have been in Meccademia for four years. The institute has definitely molded me as an individual and has helped me in my academics greatly. The teachers have provided immense support and guidance and I am ever thankful for their presence and advices. Meccademia has taught me to never remain satisfied with what I have achieved, rather has encouraged me to strive for greater things.

Anna Susan Cherian
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