Meccademia (MA) aims to be one of Asia’s leading edu-corporates. MA offers career-oriented training and preparatory education to students across the UAE. In addition to training students, MA partners with schools, universities and educational companies (publishers, e-learning companies and technology solutions providers) across the world, who can utilize our variety of education support services.

MA has a team of educationists who have focused on developing a full range of products for different segments. Each product is specifically developed in terms of academic content, pedagogy, and packaging, keeping in mind the channels of service distribution and learning systems through which it is planned to be provided to the end consumer – the student.

With a legacy spanning over 17 years in the realm of education, Meccademia has successfully extended its influence across the Middle East, India, and the USA. Meccademia, the distinguished brand, stands as a testament to its commitment to academic excellence. The impact of MA’s educational initiatives is evident in its extensive network of alumni scattered across the globe, showcasing the brand’s global reach and the enduring success of its educational endeavors. As Meccademia continues to evolve and shape the educational landscape, it takes pride in the accomplishments of its alumni, who contribute to diverse fields and make a positive impact worldwide.

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Anna Susan Cherian

I have been in Meccademia for four years. The institute has definitely molded me as an individual and has helped me in my academics greatly. The teachers have provided immense support and guidance, and I am ever thankful for their presence and advices. Meccademia has taught me to never remain satisfied with what I have achieved, rather has encouraged me to strive for greater things.

Anna Susan Cherian
Our Own Indian School
CBSE UAE Topper - 98%