Director Message

Subramanian is an educationist with many years of experience in the field of education. Subramanian has worked with an India based educational organization for over 12 years out of which he spent 10 years setting up their middle east operations. Not only does Subramanian run the whole setup in the Middle East single handedly, he also undertakes teaching the students Maths. He is one of the best and most successful teachers and is consistently given the highest grading by the students for his teaching and his ability to get excellent results. Mr. Subramanian is much more than just a teacher to his students. He has the capacity to understand very well the needs and requirements of the children and he ensures that he keeps them motivated through seminars and presentations where they are exposed to different methods of study that they can use to help them prepare for their exams. Subramanian personally has trained over 7000 students in the past Eight years and teaching continues to remain as his first love. His engineering background from top engineering college and management exposure in IIMs helps him make the transition between different streams of education an easy reality.

Besides all these, most of the students and parents are familiar with Subramanian’s articles in the Notes published by the Gulf News and his detailed, well researched and highly informative replies to the many questions raised by readers of Notes and the sensible guidance he offers students in pursuing their respective academic ambitions. He also takes seminars for the students all over UAE on various topics including Career Counseling, Path Ahead, Goal Setting and Education Abroad.

Subramanian K
Managing Director